Since mid-1980s, Dauphin had ventured into construction of high quality vessels such as Superyachts, Chemical/Oil Tankers, Supply Vessels, Patrol Craft, Tug Boats, Fishing Vessels and Split Hopper Barges.


Some of our recent constructions include:

• 56 metres Superyacht “Adamas II”, ex-“Azzam” for His Royal Highness Shiekh Mohd of Abu Dhabi.

• 2 units of 96 metres 6500DWT Chemical/Oil Tanker for Navichem of Hamburg.

• 36 metres Supply Boat for Dolphin Inc., USA.
• 300m3 Split Hopper Barge


Adamas II


Some of our past constructions :


Chemical Tanker

Selmer Split Hopper Barge